Photo by Caroline Perron

After spending the better part of a decade in the punk rock scene, booking shows, touring the world, and being the designated «Merch Guy», Dédé wanted to put his ideas towards something great of his own. With the help of his long-time friend and collaborator, Edith Boucher, Broke & Stoked was born.

Having strong ties to the punk rock community, and driving inspiration from all of its aspects, the brand was quickly a hit amongst friends and acquaintances. Thanks to the huge reach of the music scene and social media, Broke & Stoked quickly gained a loyal fanbase across the world.

With a profound love for coffee, pizza & beer, B&S celebrates the joys and consequences of living a worry-free life. Our ideals are shared through dark humour and artful designs which are now the trademark of our brand. True to the DIY ethic from our punk roots, we’ve taken the brand on the road for countless events & festivals across Canada, the US, and Europe, multiplying collaborations and making new friends along the way.

Constantly building on our success, B&S now counts on the creativity of many artists. Two of them also running their own brands Death By Coffee & Good Chill. Together, we’ve created Loser Jamboree: an art collective of brand owners, drinking enthusiasts, party planners, musicians and all-around positive people who enjoy good vibes and great times. Under the LJ banner, we’ve joined forces for the production & distribution of all our goods. Focusing on a strong sense of community, we’re also hosts of the Montreal Punk Rock Flea Market, a biannual event giving the spotlight to smaller artists/brands to showcase their work to a greater audience while chugging beers & having fun; which is the only question driving any of our decisions: IS THIS GOING TO BE FUN?

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Boutique VROOM (La Sarre, Qc)
Boutique Rollin (Montréal, Qc)
Exo Shop (Québec, Qc)
Outlaw Skateshop (Chateaugay/Valleyfield, Qc)
LOWLIFE (6001 Papineau, Montreal, Qc)
Universe Boardshop (Repentigny, Qc)

Bridge City Barbers (Lethbridge, Alberta)

Dark Store (Toulouse, France)
Mercado Negro (San José, Costa Rica)
Real Groovy (Auckland, New Zealand)

Past Events 2019
March 30-31st - Salon du disque et des arts undeground de Montréal
April 6th - Punk Ottawa Flea Market @ Markerspace North
April 7th - Montreal Punk Rock Flea Market @ Foufounes Électriques
April 26-28th - Edmonton Tattoo & Arts Festival
May 5th - Toronto Punk Rock Flea Market
May 11th - Marché Psychadélique - Montreal

May 17-19th - Pouzza Fest - Montreal
May 18th - Pin & Patch MTL - Montreal
June 7-9th - Tattoo Nouvelle Ère - Montreal
June 7-9th - This Is My Fest - Paris, France
July 5-7th - Montreal Comic Con
August 16-18th - Jackalope Fest - Montreal
September 5-7th - Envol & Macadam - Québec
September 13-15th - Montreal Art Tatttoo
September 13-15th - Lethbridge Windy City Tattoo 
October 6th - Mystery.
October 18-20th - Calgary Tattoo & Arts Festival
Nov 1st - The Fest Flea Market - Gainesville, Florida

Illustrations and shirts designs by Edith Boucher, Tommy Lamenace & Arnopeople.