Broke and Stoked highlights the joys and consequences of living a worry free life in dark humor graphic tees, patches, etc.

We are based in Montreal, Canada.   

Questions, wholesale infos, etc. Get in touch!  


Boutique VROOM (La Sarre, Qc)
Boutique Tatooine (Laval, Qc)
Exo Shop (Québec, Qc)
Outlaw Skateshop (Chateaugay/Valleyfield, Qc)
LOWLIFE (6001 Papineau, Montreal, Qc)
Grit N Glory (NY, USA)
Zumiez (Canada & USA)

Upcoming Events
November 19th - Montreal - Coffee Party @ Tatouage Royal w/ Death By Coffee

Photos by Caroline Perron
Illustrations and shirt design by Edith Boucher